Ahoy from Crident!

March 4, 2017

What’s up? We’re always researching into what cool, new, and high-potential games we can offer to our customer base here at Crident with our core bullet proof DDoS protection and unmatchable performance. We’ve recently been following the progress of a couple of games and giving them tests and we’ve decided on offering  Blackwake! A truly awesome […]

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Ark: Survival Hosting

March 3, 2017

A new game, a new path. Here at Crident Networks, we’ve been researching for a while into what DDoS protected game hosting we could offer after we’ve developed into our current products and we’ve found our next venture; Ark: Survival Evolved Hosting. This is a survival game which has been out for a while, and […]

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New Location! EU-France

June 20, 2016

New location: France. I’m extremely proud to announce due to the continued support towards our company and its products – we’re now able to open a new and improved location to better serve the clients requiring more high quality DDoS mitigation and bandwidth connectivity. The ping in the EU in general with the France location […]

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Case Study: Hyplex Networks

April 23, 2016

The “hosting issue” Anyone who has worked with or ran gaming communities will be familiar with these issues; When running a gaming community its key to be consistent, as such changing your IP can cause a very damaging effect on your player count, causing people to struggle connecting or just flat out loose the server from their […]

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