Dear Content Creators

May 23, 2018


To give some context before I continue this post; about one week ago today, Crident added a (now removed) back-link to a cheating community. This was in agreement they also add a link to Crident. This was done to cause outrage, and market through outrage. We also hoped to work towards further agreements that would benefit Crident customers, and our customer-base generally liked our influence over what they otherwise saw as a threat to their communities.

The website we back-linked operated a separate leak site, which was referenced on their “Drama” page. This became a bigger deal as the week went on, as they further made their relationship with the leak site apparent on their site. That isn’t to say what we did in the first place was acceptable.

Crident is working on a store – cstore. This is a conflict of interest, and naturally this generated a lot of concern around our future marketplace from content creators. I want to stress, this isn’t an excuse. I, and only I was short sighted in this situation, not thinking about content creators, the people who work to provide our customers content for their servers, and the type of people who would be using our marketplace in the future. I’ll be using “I”, and not “we” in this post. This decision was entirely my (Drizzy) call, and implementation.


I’m not going to waste time making excuses; I insulted the people who have helped Crident get where it is. I’m sorry that I didn’t realise sooner, our actions would give a leak site attention. I understand the disappointment as a result of this, and I whole heatedly understand how this will impact trust moving forward. I also wanted to apologise to the people working on Crident – you guys work to build a product and brand to be proud of, what I did was not fair to any of the people that matter. Typically I would run high-calibre ideas like this past people before execution, and this is a case where I did not do this.

I accept responsibility for anything coming our way as a result of what I have done. This will hurt the relationships between crident & content creators, and moreover, it will continue to impact personal relationships between myself & content creators. I accept full responsibility for this. It should hurt for a while, and there is no reason I or Crident deserve forgiveness.

That doesn’t mean I wont try to make this right. Moving forward, I’ll stop utilising gorilla-outrage marketing techniques. More time will be spent ensuring Crident provide tools to help content creators handle leakers. I’m going to make sure our DRM efforts get more funding and attention – and I’m going to do my best to operate this in as transparent a way as possible. The only thing we do have control over right now is what we do in the future.

This was a mistake, and I will not do this again. From now on there is a procedure in place to ensure no single person can act on ideas without consulting other people in the team; like I did here. I’ve let down our team, and content creators. I hope – knowing I don’t deserve – that in time people will find an ability to forgive my mistake, but I fully understand & empathise with those that don’t. I wish I could do more to make this right, and if anyone has any ideas on how I could better help make this situation right – please contact me on Discord or Steam.