2018: Year in review

January 8, 2018

I’m late, I knowwww!

2017; what can I say? It was a decent year.

Let’s start with some percentages…
Product range down by 80% (amount of different products we sell)
Income up by over 60%
Infrastructure up by over 100%
Staff team grew over 1000% (in the last 4 months)

Ok, useless figures aside, what I’m trying to say is 2017 wasn’t a idle year for us, however I will say most of this growth occurred in the last quarter.

If things go how I plan, 2018 will nuke 2017. Allow me to reveal some of our master plan… When I started Crident I can’t say I had this goal, and some people may laugh at the idea – but Crident has got a very clear goal; become the single biggest & best game host. This isn’t just a pumped up statement. It’s something I’m serious about, and we have a plan to get there.
We’ve dropped our dedicated servers & web hosting, we’re focusing every resource we have, and resources we don’t have on our game hosting. Briefly, here’s what we’re focusing on in 2018:

  • Team Development
  • Experience Development
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Blitz
  • Providing more value than we take.

Over the last year I’ve been lucky to have so many awesome people involved in Crident. I credit our success entirely to the team we’ve developed over the last ~5 months. It’s really an awesome group of people with so many skills and interests. It’s really nice being able to enable these people to do things they enjoy within Crident – using our platform and infrastructure we’ve been able to develop.
While the team has been developing, I’ve increasingly become aware of the market we operate in, and the direction the “greater” hosting market is heading – it’s my conclusion that game hosting is now entirely a software game.

We’re going to be doubling down on our game panel & entire experience. Crident needs to “just work” – how you expect it, when you want. We’ve made serious progress laying down the initial foundations for what we aim to do in 2018 already, because why wait for 2018 to execute our 2018 game plan, right?

Some things you can expect in 2018:

  • Major game panel improvements
  • Checkout process improvements
  • Major support improvements
  • More locations (3 USA locations & 2 other international locations¬†at least)
  • ~5 new games supported fully with a support team
  • Free tools to help people do their job – regardless if they use Crident
  • Useful streams, we’ve already been doing these to develop our processes and get them to a decent quality as soon as possible
    • We want to use these streams to provide support & information everyone
  • More community involvement, and everything we’re doing now – but better, at least.

I also need to take some time to thank the people who have helped Crident become what it is; the community that’s developed around us. You guys are really awesome! We aim to focus on the community side of things throughout the next ~12 months, so without further shittalking – let’s make 2018 a landslide win! <3

– Drizzzzzzzzzle D