Ahoy from Crident!

March 4, 2017

What’s up?

We’re always researching into what cool, new, and high-potential games we can offer to our customer base here at Crident with our core bullet proof DDoS protection and unmatchable performance. We’ve recently been following the progress of a couple of games and giving them tests and we’ve decided on offering  Blackwake! A truly awesome pirate teamwork-based multiplayer game! We sure enjoyed playing so here we introduce and bring our Blackwake game server hosting into play!

What can we expect?

We’ve investigated into this game into what works well, what keeps it stable or more so what doesn’t; obviously with it being in early access still some things are due to change to the core game whilst the fantastic developers work away but so far we’ve cracked the perfect demands for your perfect Blackwake game server! The game overall runs pretty smoothly client side for anyone wondering, regardless of specs. The handling is very distinct but nice – they’ve done a great job. The gameplay goals are super cool as well! You take over all your enemies ships and steal steel to rule the seas!

Limited time offer!

To boost our new launch of this product, we’re offering 3 lucky customers who use the promo code “ahoy50” to get their server at a whopping 40% off! Have fun pirates! 🙂