Ark: Survival Hosting

March 3, 2017

A new game, a new path.

Here at Crident Networks, we’ve been researching for a while into what DDoS protected game hosting we could offer after we’ve developed into our current products and we’ve found our next venture; Ark: Survival Evolved Hosting. This is a survival game which has been out for a while, and we’ve come a little late to the game’s market however during this time we’ve been busy doing extensive testing & experimenting to see how we could offer a killer Ark: Survival Evolved and simultaneously maintain a fair price.

What is Ark: Survival Evolved all about, and why are you hosting it?

Ark: Survival Evolved is a popular game due to its strong community aspect with the players having the ability to have their servers creating an almost nested-community within the larger community – and with this is the remarkable prehistoric animals! The game has beautiful maps such as; The Island, The Center and Scorched Earth where the players can build and interact with them. We’re deciding to expand into this for this very reason as the game does seem to have plenty of potential and the server owners need some of that Crident love!

What are we bringing to the table?

During our extensive testing and playing around with Ark, we’ve come to learn that some critical aspects need to be worked on with the hosting side of the game so we’ve developed a full range of features within our control panel to make the server owning experience that little bit easier:

  • One-click, easy installation of all your favourite mods and maps, including but not limited to GlassMetal, Death Helper, Annunaki Genesis, ACM, Ark Remote, Valhalla¬†or The Volcano.
  • Brilliant Backup Manager and restoration process! Seamlessly make your service safer.
  • Natural Ark Remote connection ability.
  • Fast and straightforward Steam Mod Manager – download or update your favourite mods directly from the Steam Workshop in a click!
  • Easy configuration editor to edit core aspects of your service with straightforward and uncomplicated drop down boxes, radio buttons and text input fields.

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