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If you have an issue with some sort of third party addon/plugin/mod we recommend you head over to our discord for support as our tickets are primarily for: Technical & Billing related issues and most addon related issues aren't answered there. (Note discord support is purely community support and not 24/7)

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The best way to get notified of when a location is back in stock is to use our Discord. We have a channel setup to ping people when we put new locations back in stock!

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Great. We utilize real DDoS protection, unlike most hosts that try to upsell the "x amount of Gbps protection" which barely works against new and improved attacks. Instead of taking attacks head on with brute defense we prevent them from even hitting the server. Click on the button below to learn more about our DDoS Protection.

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Correct! You can make money with Crident using our affiliate program, any purchases made with your affiliate resources will give you a commission of the purchase! If you're at all interested feel free to check them out by clicking one of the buttons below!

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