All source servers operate with something called the "tickrate", which is a term you'll hear a lot in the hosting world - but don't worry, we'll explain it for you.

The tickrate defines how fast the server will update each entities location ( An entity is a player, door, prop, etc. ) and how fast the server will check what each player is currently doing.

So the faster the tickrate, the more "realtime" the server is, the more accurate player positions are.
Faster tickrates are favoured on games like CS:GO where accuracy is important.

All their servers operate by default on a base tickrate of 66, while some run it at 128 on games like CS:GO to make the server more accurate.

In games like Garry's Mod generally the accuracy of the server isn't as important as performance.
We personally found from experiance operating on a tickrate of 16 will work well with about 70-100 players.

The tickrate can be set with the "-tickrate 13" in your command line.
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