In Garry's Mod you have loads of gamemodes ranging from the basic sandbox to things such as Prop Hunt, DarkRP and more.

The game by default comes with a selected number of gamemodes installed, Sandbox, Prophunt and Trouble In Terror Town.

You can also install completely new gamemodes such as Perp, DarkRP, Sledbuild and so much more.

To install a new gamemode, simply upload the gamemode to the garrysmod/gamemode folder.
Inside this folder you'll also see the pre-installed gamemodes.

You will want to extract the files if its compressed, then make sure its the "root folder". You can contact support for assistance with this.
By default DarkRP comes installed.

To make your server startup with a different gamemode you need to add "-gamemode sandbox" replacing sandbox with your gamemode to the command line of your server.
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