Connecting to SFTP (WinSCP & FileZilla)

How to connect to SFTP (WinSCP & FileZilla)

Using WinSCP (recommended)

WinSCP is a powerful file management tool and has great support for the SFTP protocol, we highly recommend this client over others.

  1. Add a new site and fill the information in as shown in this picture below:

  2. Afterwords click on Save and then you can click Login

  3. When you want to reconnect in the future, you just need to double click the site you have saved and enter in your password again (assuming you didn't save the password)

Using FileZilla (not recommended)

FileZilla is another file transfer client that can use the SFTP Protocol, however it's not recommended as FileZilla doesn't have as good support as WinSCP for SFTP support.


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