Clearing disk space

Clearing your Garry's Mod servers' disk space

You may have noticed you have a ton of disk space being used, possibly from old addons you no longer have, that's because srcds caches those addons and doesn't really clear them out, taking up a load of disk space basically making new .gma files and we all know how big those can get. Fear not, we'll show you how to clear your servers' disk space fast, and easy!

Cleaning out cached workshop addons
This guide will lead you to remove useless .gmas that the server caches (every server does this) that you possibly removed from the collection.

1. Go to your game panel & stop your server
2. Click on File Manager in the Server Management tab

3. Navigate to: /home/container/
4. Select the /steam_cache/ directory
5. Delete the entire /steam_cache/ directory
6. That will clear up a ton of space from the Steam Cache; but we're not done yet!
7. Navigate to /home/container/garrysmod/cache/srcds
8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 in the /home/container/garrysmod/cache/srcds folder
(This will delete the actual .gma files which take up a ton of space)

9. Start your server and wait for your addons to re-download
10. Your server should have a ton of free space now if you removed useless addons that you didn't need on the workshop collection
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