Moving to Crident

Moving your server files from another host to Crident

We know moving can be a bit tough but with this article we're hopeful that you can get it done so you can enjoy your server with us here at Crident.
We're going to go over a step by step guide on switching your files over to us from a different host, if you need anymore assistance hop on discord!

1. Collecting the right type of files
All the correct files are located in the garrysmod/ directory; the file structure will look like this:

2. Select all of those files (you can use CTRL + Click to select multiple) and move them into an empty folder on your computer
3. Right click on that folder and hover over "Send To" then finally click Compressed (zipped) folder

4. Go to your game panel
5. Click on File Management

6. Click on the garrysmod directory; your structure should look like: /home/container/garrysmod
7. Click the upload button on the top right

8. Upload the zip folder you made of your previous Garry's Mod server
9. Click the "..." button on the zip file

10. On the dropdown click the "Decompress" button

11. Allow the panel to decompress your files (this will take some time possibly)
12. You're all done, all the important moveable files should be intact and you should beable to use your previous server just as you would on Crident.

Do note: If something broke make sure you updated important stuff like mysql information. Also securegmod might not like being moved so you'll probably have to re-download addons if they're using securegmod and you brought them from your previous server. (We have no control over securegmod so it's their problem sadly)
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