Installing maps

Installing maps on the workshop

We highly recommend that you install maps with this method as it's the most easiest.
To install these maps please follow this step by step guide:

1. Create/Use a workshop collection
2. Find the map you're looking for on the workshop and add it to the collection
3. Log into your gamepanel

4. Navigate to the Startup Parameters

5. Enter in your workshop collections' ID in the workshop collection ID input

6. Click the blue "Update Startup Parameters"

7. Restart/Start your server

8. Make sure everything is downloading correctly
9. Go back to the Startup Parameters and enter the maps' filename into the Map input

10. Click the blue "Update Startup Parameters"
13. Restart your server to boot to the new map

If your server is not launching chances are the map name is incorrect or you didn't follow step 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I keep getting the error "Missing Map"
A. You're probably not using the collection for your map, in that case go to the FastDL tab on the panel and sync your content then restart your local gmod and server

Q. Why does it say I'm on a Different Version?
A. Some maps have constant updates that's why we recommend the collection, but sometimes you can have copies on your local PC, so check there.

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