File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Crident provide an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account for you to use. FTP is a way to upload and download from your server, and ultimately manage your servers files- including addons, gamemodes and so much more- to make your server rich in content.

In order to connect to your FTP account, you must use an FTP client; which will vary based on the operating system you are running. Below are some reccomended clients.


  • FileZilla (You want to download the Client, not the server)
  • WinSCP


  • Built-In (May also have a GUI for it, depending on your distro)

Once you've obtained an FTP client, you will need to then open it and specify the IP of your FTP, coupled with your username and password (all provided to you with TCAdmin). If you're asked for a port, you will need to specify port 8821.

The FTP username and password are the same as the username and password for the game panel ( You should have an email containing information regarding how to change the password when you first bought the service.
The FTP IP can be found on the game panel( when viewing your service - just above the start/stop buttons.

Once the credentials have been entered, you may then press connect (Shown below is FileZilla):

FileZilla Example

Once pressed, you will then connect to your FTP account, and will be able to modify the files on your dedicated server. If you have any issues completing these steps, please contact support.

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