RAM Recommendations

On Minecraft memory is important.

The amount of memory you need is calculated by how many chunks you have active with how many players, but mainly how many chunks are currently in use.

If you are only running a small server with 3-6 people, then you will be completely fine with 2-3Gb of RAM. This should facilitate 5 chunks being loaded at the same time depending on plugins.

If you're planning on launching a larger gaming community based on Minecraft you'll not only be using a lot chunks at the same time, so you will need a lot of memory.

From our experiance, large networks use from 32-64Gb of memory and in some cases more.

You should also note that depdning on your plugins you need to consider what CPU your using.
Plugins unlike what most people think use more CPU cycles than RAM.

Read more about CPU & RAM on Minecraft here.
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