Garry's Mod includes native support for Addons, that is; modifications or additions to the base game that can be added without modifying the core game directly. The "addons" directory; located in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons is where such folders go, with addons being downloadable from and various other places. Unlike some other games, if the server has an addon the client does not, they will download it during connection (instead of simply being kicked, like Minecraft). 

Garry's Mod addons must adhere to a very particular filestructure, on Linux they must not have any capital letters or special characters (although on Windows, capital letters are fine). The addon file and folder structure can be found here. Complimentary to addons, there are also gamemodes that can be installed, with their own file and folder structure; more information on that can be found here.

Most addons are written in Lua, with the exception of some being written in C++ in the form of a module (.dll)- A brief introduction to Lua can be found here.
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