Valve Source Exploit

The Valve Source Exploit, also known as VSE is an attack method commonly used to deprive the server application from needed reources such as CPU.
We offer protection from this attack method by default.

This exploit is classed as a type of DDoS. We specialise in protected hosting and game servers, so exploits like this are of high importance to us.
We allocate resources to make sure your services are always up to date and protected so you can run your project hastle free.

The attack works much like viewing the server info through Steam. Just imagine clicking the refresh button thousands of times a second, and thats how this attack functions.

We will first detect the attack and re-route all the your traffic through our load balancing systems - at this point, it'll be scrubbed and all clean data sent onward to your server as normal.

This has an almost un-noticiable impact on ping and response times.
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