We call it Dino Panel

Built from the ground up by team Pterodactyl; NodeJS, PHP 7.0, GoLang.
Polished, modified and managed by team Crident. Monitoring with Grafana.

three things


Each service is sandboxed within a docker container to keep your data safe. This has almost no impact on performance.


We've made tools like an Intelligent FastDL System, Mod Manager, with a Workshop Downloader and Git pull/clone system.


So future proof it practially is the future. Crident makes trends, and we're optimistic that Pterodactyl will be one of them.

Dino Panel

noun: dino panel; plural noun: dino panels

/ ⦁ the impossible balance between power, control and beauty. /

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Quick-Time FAQ

You can deploy a free trial on the order page for any game of your choice.

Selling by slots is a dated way to manage resources, and it makes it hard for hosts to provide a consistently good service. We wrote an article on why it's a bad idea.

Sure, and it's better than ever. The new mod manager allows us to do things we otherwise wouldn't be able to!

All services are sandboxed inside docker containers, this enables us to give users more freedom while being more secure.