We call it Dino Panel

Welcome to the game panel everyone is trying to copy.

three things


Each service is sandboxed within a docker container to keep your data safe. This has almost no impact on performance.


We've made tools like an Intelligent FastDL System, Mod Manager, with a Workshop Downloader and Git pull/clone system.


So future proof it practially is the future. Crident makes trends, and we're optimistic that Pterodactyl will be one of them.

Dino Panel

noun: dino panel; address: dino.gg

/ ⦁ the impossible balance between power, control and beauty. /

Jar Manager

Quickly and easily swap between the most popular jars for your minecraft server, don't worry about update delays either everything is automatically updated!

Server Action Logs

The server action log allows you to break down exactly what's going on with your server, when.

Backdoor Scanner

Automate the process of scanning your server for backdoors. Our scanner will identify possibly malicious code.

Remote Backups

Fully remote backups. The location of your server could be nuked & your backups can get you back online in no time.

True Console

Outragously fast near real-time console output. Unlike control panels like TCAdmin which are slow and rely on the games debug file.

Details Page

View your servers details live with dank graphs and live playercount, map, name, gamemode, etc.

Mod Manager

Save time by using our mod manager which pulls addons straight from GitHub. Keep frosty & up-to-date.


Our notification system will let you know when your Steam Updates, Backups and more are complete.

Sub Users

Sub Users made easy with granular controls. See 2FA status and make sure your users are secure.

Support-Op Controls

Worried about people accessing your files? We're the only game host who gives you the control if our staff can access your server.

Task Management

Stupidly configurable task management that allow you to do basically anything you need, when you need.

Database Manager

Get four databases free, and control them with ease using PHPMyAdmin. Reset databases & passwords with one click.

Workshop Downloader

Just copy and paste of the URL or ID of a workshop item and dino will download and extract it to your server.

Git Tools

Easily pull or clone your repositories into your server without hassle. Enjoy an easier development flow.

Security Controls

See where your account has been logged into, and revoke access from possible account breaches. We also offer Two Factor Auth & an API.

Startup Paramaters

All the startup paramters you could want, easy to use. No need to remember startup paramaters anymore, we got you.

GLua Syntax Highlighting

Edit files on the fly using our file manager, with GLua Syntax highlighting built in to help you avoid mistakes.

Intelligent FastDL

Instead of having useless files slow your download time our intelligent fastdl only adds the required files that are needed for downloading.

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