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We sell raw resources and allow you to decide what you want to run on it, no per-slot costs.

Configure your server

Set your player slots in our fancy game panel. Your server will use the resources you pay for.

Scale up and down

You can upgrade and downgrade your server. Open a ticket and we'll be more than happy to help!

105% CPU Deal



  • 4GHz+ CPU
  • Up to 50GB Disk Space
  • Dedicated IP
  • 2 Databases Included
  • Git Clone and Pull
  • Workshop Downloader
  • Recommended: 60-80 Players

150% CPU Deal



  • 4GHz+ CPU
  • Up to 50GB Disk Space
  • Dedicated IP
  • 2 Databases Included
  • Git Clone and Pull
  • Workshop Downloader
  • Recommended: 90-100 Players

Custom CPU Amount



  • 4GHz+ CPU
  • Up to 50GB Disk Space
  • Dedicated IP
  • 2 Databases Included
  • Git Clone and Pull
  • Workshop Downloader
  • Recommended: 10-128 Players

Stop Paying For Slots

They're cheap at first, but expensive and unreliable as your server grows. Read more here

Cost Efficient

It might be cheaper when you're starting out with slots, but as you need to upgrade your server slot-based companies prices can't compete with ours.

No Overloading

We don't need to guess how many servers we can run on a dedicated server, we know exactly how much CPU people are paying for, and can load balance fairly.

Better Performance

As a result of the load balancing and services only being able to use what they're paying for, your server wont be effected by someone elses laggy server.

More Secure

By nature our systems are sandboxed, meaning customers can upload DLL files without risking the security of your files. We sandbox using Docker.

Mod manager

DarkRP Latest from Github
Deathrun Latest from Github
Murder Latest from Github
ULX & ULib Latest from Github
PLogs Latest from Github
MySQLoo V9.5
Advanced Dupe Latest from Github
Stacker Latest from Github
FProfiler Latest from Github
Source Content Packs CSS, HL2: Ep1/Ep2/LC

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The Game Panel

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Precision. Execution.

Designed to run communities, with performance in mind.


From the moment you deploy your server it will be ready to power your next project, using the most cutting edge hardware and knowledge to provide a perfect experience.

Bullet proof

Using our pro location allows you to scale with freedom of DDoS. Get hit offline? Let us know and we promise to fix it. We provide the most bullet proof DDoS protection for Garry's Mod.


Servers and staff; dedicated to the task at hand. We love what we do. We're all about that superhuman work ethic - the hustle and grind, the blood sweat and tears.

GMod Server Hosting FAQ

We are deeply proud of how high quality our GMod server hosting is. Our core values are to host servers with high power and transparency. You should expect a very high quality server with great hardware and reliable performance.

With our gmod server hosting if you haven't paid your bill we will keep your server files for two weeks in case of an issue. After the two weeks they may be deleted.

Generally with Garrys Mod you will only need to move the the server.cfg, sv.db, data folder, addons folder and any files you may have added into the lua folder. You can contact our support for assistance.

All our GMod server hosting packages come with a MySQL database setup instantly. You can manage it with PHPMyAdmin through the one click login button on the control panel.

We recognise Garrys Mod is a game with a highly active development community, and because of this we offer a optional development server with our gmod hosting packages for just £2 extra.

Our GMod server hosting packages are managed with Dino Panel. Learn more here.

Our Garrys Mod servers offer multiple versions of DarkRP on the mod manager which you can install with one click.

Our Basic location is designed for private servers which simply don't need more than a basic coverage from Layer 4 attacks.
Our Pro location is designed for communities and servers which require up-to-date and cutting edge filtering on both Layers 4 & 7. We underload/under-crowd the pro location more, as we expect medium to large size communities to use this option.