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Why should you use us?

These are some of the strongest reasons we think you need our infrastructure.

Fly high

We use the Intel i7-6700k/7700k with an optional performance boost to keep you flying high.

We've done extensive testing with various hardware and find that the Intel i7-6700k is a great choice for most game servers.
For games which are multi-threaded we use the Xeon E3, as that provides both great single thread performance, and better multithreading thanks to the increased core count.

As Source games are single threaded applications they can only use one thread, and the Intel i7-4790k is one of the fastest single core CPU.

For more information please click here.

Relax. We've got DDoS attacks covered.

We have some of the most advanced Layer 7 and Layer 4 mitigation the rest of the market doesn't offer.

Layer 4 - Transport

We use Arbor PeakFlow TMS systems at the network edge, providing a maximum filtering capacity of ~65Gbps.

Layer 7 - Application

Our exclusive Layer 7 proxies and filters allow us to further mitigate attacks on a level which other hosts can't provide.

Threat Management

To provide a more effective filtering solution we also monitor for attacks that are effective and actively patch them.

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Email Notifications.

We keep an eye on your server for when you're away.

Keep your server online

We notify you when your server crashes and automatically restart it, so you don't need to watch over it all day.

Secure Communications

We use SSL and TLS for all our emails to keep your data safe.

Pin-Point Accuracy

Our detection systems are extremely reliable and wont randomly restart your server because of false positives.

Intimate Support. If you need us, we are here.

We don't sleep until everything is running smooth.

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We seriously know how to run servers.

We've been running some of the most populated Source Servers you can find, including; Aero Game Servers, Multiverse Gaming, Hyplex, Visca Gaming, X-Ray Gaming and many, many more.

With seriously hardcore servers and protection we're your best bet at success. With a price that might just suprise you!

We call it Dino Panel

Welcome to the game panel everyone is trying to copy. See Features

Real Features

Forget boring "features" like Low Ping, Best Support, Simple Billing & DDoS Protection.

Leading Gamepanel

We have a seriously effective gamepanel with the most features out of every game host in the market.

Remote Backups

True backups - offsite, and fully remote. A bomb could hit your servers location and your backups are safe.

Server Action Logs

Want to know what your sub-users are doing? Our server action logs will keep a track record of their actions.

Smart Search

No more clicking file to file hoping you find what you're looking for, you can search any term and the panel will find it for you.

Monitoring System

We have a fancy site so you can monitor each machine's resource usage.

Dedicated IP's

Because you're worth it. Sharing IP's is for budget game hosting.

Git Tools

Because who has time to download & upload addons from github.

MySQL Databases

Up to twelve blazing-fast databases by default so you can store all the data.

Mod Manager

Allowing you to easily install addons and modpacks with one-click.

Workshop Downloader

Drop the URL/ID of an addon/collection into Dino Panel. Let it download & extract them for you.

Backdoor Scanner

Backdoors let malicious users mess up your server. Our scanner helps you identify & remove them.

Intelligent FastDL

No more moving content into the games root directory. Just click sync & watch the magic happen.

Jar Manager

Quickly & easily change the jar for your minecraft server in seconds. Automatically updated so you don't have to worry about new jar updates!

...and so much more. All Features