Your accounts and Crident

March 5, 2019

Our leading issue consumers experience is the confusion surrounding how your accounts on Crident work.

We have two separate websites, and – being our billing website, and being our game panel.

If you buy a service on our systems will automatically create an account for you (assuming you don’t already have one) on, our game panel. You would get an email to set your password on

Two accounts, two websites

Because the accounts are separate, your passwords can be different on each site. Additionally, things like two factor auth aren’t synchronized.

One account to rule them all

It’s important to note, your account is higher authority than your account. Because this is where billing and sensitive info is stored about you, and support is handled. Assuming your has a verified email address, tickets from your email on that account can request changes to your account, for example – if you get locked out of your account for whatever reason, you can open a ticket on & request help recovering your account.

Because of this, it’s important you have two factor auth setup on your account. If you setup two factor auth on just, and someone gets access to your account, without two factor auth, they can request your account has it’s two factor auth disabled.

Single Sign On

In the future we’re integrating SSO (single sign on) into our game panel. This system will be more friendly for people – as it allows you to login to your account with your account. So you’ll “effectively” have one login for both websites.
While technically the accounts are still separate, by integrating single sign on, your will allow you to login to You wont need two passwords. Logging directly into your account will still be possible, and you will still need to ensure your account is secure.