Will sbox kill Garry’s Mod?

November 10, 2018

“Sandbox is going to kill Garry’s Mod!” they said. Not quite, we said. Allow us to explain how we think Sbox will impact Garry’s Mod, and how Garry’s Mod will impact Sbox.

There is no arguing Garry’s Mod is immensely popular because of the amount of content developers have created for it, from the TTT’s & DarkRP’s to the markets like GmodStore which sell Garry’s Mod addons, the ecosystem that lives within Garry’s Mod took a long time to get to it’s current state. A lot of people think that GmodStore killed Garry’s Mod, but the reality is – it probably made it more popular.

Garry’s Mod is also popular because it’s so easy to run. Many players on Gmod have low end (often Intel integrated graphics) hardware. They can run Garry’s Mod because it’s such an old game that was designed to run on hardware like this – when this hardware was once quite “high end”. S&box will most likely be more demanding on your computer because it will have more fancy lighting among other things, naturally, being built on a more modern engine.

Knowing this – it’s more likely that Garry’s Mod will slowly reduce in active players while Sandbox picks up; as more content is made within the game, and hardware which can run this game becomes much more common-place. While Garry Newman doesn’t seem to like the idea of Sandbox being called “Garry’s Mod 2”, it will fundamentally replace Garry’s Mod in the long run, providing much needed things Garry’s Mod currently doesn’t have and enabling developers to do more than they previously could.

So the answer is no – Sbox won’t kill Garry’s Mod. However it probably will eventually “replace”. It will take a while, probably 3 years before Sandbox is more popular than Garry’s Mod, so unless you class that as Sandbox killing Garry’s Mod – it’s going to be a much more anti-climactic event.

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