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August 13, 2017

“We don’t limit your CPU”

This is something you might hear hosts claiming – under the guise that it’s a good thing. It isn’t. If a host isn’t limiting your servers CPU, they’re not limiting other servers CPU – thus they’re not preventing a single, or number of other services on the same machine as you impacting your performance. Using a host which sells by slots is like gambling for the performance you want, with the knowledge that it could change at any point; as new services are deployed onto the machine.

Why CPU is the future of game hosting…

When you buy a server from a Game Service Provider (GSP) they run it on one of their dedicated servers with other peoples servers. They need to guesstimate how many servers they can run on a machine, and for Garry’s Mod, the average seems to be running about 20 game servers per dedicated server. The thing is – some servers will be much more popular than others. Some will need a lot of CPU, and some won’t need much. Doing it this way will cause performance issues for high demand servers.

In theory, the servers with more players would use more CPU, though. Right? No. A 10 slot Sandbox server with 300 addons will use more CPU than a 32 slot Sandbox server with no addons. So why does the person running the 32 slot server need to pay more than the 10 slot server with 300 addons? Because selling by slots is a dated way of doing things. It came about before addons and mods were popular in games.
As a consumer focused company we want to give our members the best product we can, and this is a change we need to make in order to achieve that.

Selling servers by slots doesn’t only give the consumer an unreliable product price-wise, too. It often causes unreliable performance – as some other servers on the machine can use up all the CPU leaving your server with not enough power to do what it needs. This could cause lag, and you’ll never know why!

We put the power back into the customer’s hands, allowing you to only pay for what you need – while being able to provide a more accurate load balanced experience. We’re not just putting ~20 game servers on a box and guessing that it’ll work out.


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