What is Crident Nitro?

September 29, 2018

With gmod hosting, your game server is running on a dedicated server – which is quite similar to your computer. It has a CPU, SSD’s and ram, etc.

Normally hosts will allocate certain limits regarding how many gmod servers servers they run on each dedicated server, to prevent them from lagging. Some hosts run more gmod servers on each machine to be able to lower their prices, and others allocate less, and have higher prices. At Crident we lean towards having higher prices for better performance. Our normal Garry’s Mod hosting is great for large servers already, we currently have many servers hitting 60-80 players a day.

However, when you’re aiming to hit 80-128 players a day, you’ll normally end up getting a dedicated server to really get the best performance. The issue is, Garrys Mod only uses 2 threads, and if you get a good dedi, you’ll have 8 or more threads. So you’ll normally be wasting money on resources you can’t use. This is the gap we’re aiming to bridge with Nitro.

Nitro is unique to our normal game hosting, because you have more CPU & RAM resources than Garry’s Mod can use, and it’s totally separated from our normal game hosting.

With Nitro, we only run four game servers per dedicated server. The dedicated servers themselves only run the best hardware we can get our hands on, which currently sits at an i7 7700k, DDR4 memory, and NVMe storage. This overkill approach means you’ll get very reliable performance for your game server, which is comparable to dedicated server performance.