Welcome to high performance Minecraft hosting

May 25, 2019

That’s right, we’re back again with our successful campaign to stop people from buying slots taking the market by storm and changing the game we now enter a new ring with a similar problem…

Stop paying only for RAM

It’s no secret that the Minecraft hosting market is completely saturated with RAM based hosts, it’s slightly better than slots but still results in a similar issue slots have, and that issue is neglecting the most important component of any game server: The CPU.

The CPU as we all know is a core component in every application, it’s basically the backbone of all game servers. Minecraft is no exception to this, CPU upholds a lot of responsibility for keeping your server fast and strong, the less CPU, the lower your server.

What does the CPU do in Minecraft?

It does nearly everything, the CPU has a hand in almost all the actions taken on a Minecraft server from: block updates, piston usage, redstone, entity updates, entities themselves, mob AI, and so much more. Basically, if you want a responsive server: you’ll want a reliable CPU, but that’s where the problem of only buying from RAM arises.

Paying only for RAM is a gamble

Similar to our other blog post about why paying for slots is a gamble, RAM itself is a gamble, you still have no idea how much performance you’re going to be getting from your service provider.

“We don’t limit your CPU” again, brought up in our previous blog this term is used a lot, if that’s the case then that means everyone else on the machine isn’t being limited either, exposing the whole node to be susceptible to someone using too much resources and ruining it for everyone. We have a video explaining this with slots, however the same applies to RAM only hosts.

Take control over what you’re paying for

Our mission has always been to provide our consumers with real premium brand hosting, just like in Garry’s Mod we give you the power to choose how your server will perform instead of putting it on a box with 30 other servers and guessing how it’ll go.

Stop paying only for RAM, start paying for the resources you’ll actually be using, from your favorite host, Crident Networks.