Web v2: How Crident is pushing the envelope

September 5, 2018

The issue with hosting a game panel

At Crident we’re always looking to keep ahead of the curve, and with the leading game panel, we understand the game panel is crucial to game hosting. Without it – game hosting is basically non-existent. It’s important for the game panel to be fast, and reliable. Typically game hosts will run the game panel on a server & you connect to that server when you’re using the game panel. However there are a few issues with this traditional technique that are made worse because of the nature of game hosting.

Load times

If a companies game panel is hosted in France and you have a server in Australia or America – the game panel has to traverse the ocean to get information and communicate commands (start, stop, file edits, etc.) to and from your game server. This adds a reasonable amount of delay onto the panels load speed.

Like-wise, if you’re in America, and you’re vising a game panel that’s hosted in France, your traffic needs to cross the ocean, too – further adding delays on. This can all build up to cause quite a “clunky” experience for the end user in some circumstances.


As I’m sure you guys know – if a game panel goes down, everything is fucked. You can’t perform crucial actions which you might need, and depending on the timing, this can have a pretty terrible net result. Downtime can be needed some times, though – for example maintenance. If you have one copy of your site and you need to perform some maintenance – this could be quite frustrating for users.

This is where “Web v2” comes in…

Our new web infrastructure which we’re calling web v2 is a scale system with 3 points of presence, carefully selected across the globe. There will be one server in France, one server in Singapore, and one server in Canada. When you visit our sites on web v2, you’ll be routed to the server that’s closest to you. This means you’ll get the best latency to our game panel, and by extension – your game server. Because most users who live in Australia have servers in Australia, the Singapore POP (point of presence) will provide faster load times & communication to your actual game server.

We want to avoid downtime

It doesn’t end there, though. Sometimes things go wrong! Web v2 will include automatic fail over, so if something goes wrong on the Canada POP – people from America will be routed to France or Singapore depending on where they are. Obviously this isn’t going to be as fast as the Canada server, but it will be fast enough (our panel is seriously fast without any of this fancy stuff anyway), and most importantly, it will work. Our game panel has awesome uptime anyway, so it’s not like that’s something we expect, but having this in place gives us more confidence in our ability to provide our users the best experience. With our new system we can also re-route traffic from nodes which we’re performing maintenance on to cut-out the need for downtime.

How we’re going to improve load times

From our tests this new system will speed up load times by about 300-500ms. Hopefully you guys enjoy the improved reliability & load times! We’ll make a post on Twitter & Discord when this new system is fully staged into production.

Crident is a growing company – doing this also allows us to distribute our website load across different servers. This should future proof our growth way beyond what we’ll ever need for now, meaning as our users you should rest assured that service quality wont deteriorate as we grow.


We’re trying to provide the best experience we can, and this is a major step in future proofing our product, while improving reliability and load times.

As far as we’re aware – very few hosts use a web-scale system which we’re looking to deploy over the coming weeks, and this isn’t a surprise. It’s not easy to do. When the new system is deployed, you’ll be able to see which POP is serving your traffic by looking in the bottom right corner. You’ll see something like ” fr-sbg-web01 – c687f3fb”.