Sbox hosting – will Crident host sbox game servers?

October 15, 2018

This is a question we’re frequently getting asked recently. “Will Crident host sandbox game servers” – this is probably because a lot of people have been noticing the page on our website which list S&box hosting.

The answer is pretty simple so this post is going to be short, but it’s not as simple as a “yes”. It kinda depends. Right now there isn’t much information on how Sbox hosting will work. We don’t know if it will natively work on Linux (what we use), or if it’s going to be primarily Windows – or worse, only Windows at the start. If Rust is anything to go from – Garry Newman isn’t a huge fan of supporting Linux.

Assuming Linux is supported – well – we will be shipping Sandbox hosting as soon as humanly possible. However if this isn’t the case, we might be a little late to the game. Simply put; we’re just not geared up to manage Windows servers – and I’m not sure if we want to be. We’re huge Linux fans at Crident.

So it depends on how they release the server. If it’s released with Linux support on day one, yes, if not – we’ll need to work some things out. Chances are, it’ll come out with native Linux support on the server-side, because simply put Linux is just better than Windows for servers.