S&box, sbox, sandbox – whatever you call it; here’s the rundown

August 20, 2018

S&box or sbox as some people have taken to calling it; is the game that has become known as “Garry’s Mod 2”.

But before we carry on this post – let’s get one thing straight, both sandbox and s&box aren’t going to be what people call this game. I’m placing my bets that people are going to brand this game sbox. So from now on in this post that’s how I’m going to refer to the game. Sbox, I like it – it rolls off the tongue. So now that’s out the way – what’s been going on with sbox since we last posted about it? Quite a lot! Let’s look at some of the more interesting things.

They’ve released a a gamemode, ish

Facepunch has been releasing more information on their goals with Sbox and how they want to evolve the game over the last few months. The most notable thing to come out of the last few months is a GitHub repo that contains a example game mode for Sbox. As mentioned in Dev Blog 5 – Facepunch said “Our immediate plan is to make a multiplayer deathmatch gamemode.” which seems to be supported by the release of this repository. This is pretty great news, because it really shows that progress is being made, and that they’re expecting to have this gamemode in a state which is one day a “propper” game.

They released a video playtesting their Deathmatch gamamode on Devblog 6, watch it below:

Sandbox is in Sbox

This shouldn’t be a shocker, but like I mentioned above, Facepunch is focused on making a deathmatch gamemode more than they’re focused on making the Sandbox gamemode. This is probably to make development more seamless, while they reiterate the game API and methods. However they did release some videos playing around with their prototype Sandbox gamemode in Dev Blog 7 and it seems pretty interesting. You can watch the videos below:

It looks like they’re going for a Garry’s Mod-esk console

The in game console we love from Garry’s Mod has been added in, and things like autocomplete seem to be finished. Which is a homey addition to see. Console wont be exclusive to in game however for Sbox – like we mentioned in our last post about the game, their web console is still something they’re committed to. This will also have autocomplete and I imagine this will be very useful for developers to quickly work on things without having to tab directly in game.

In game map editor?!

Yep! Looks like they’re working on an in game map editor which “hopefully [will have] multiplayer support.” according to Dev Blog 6 – and this is a pretty big deal. They even released some videos demoing the “gamemode”, take a look below:

Seems pretty neat if I say so myself. We’ll make a post at a later date diving into some stuff related to this, though.


This is pretty exciting. It seems they’re developing the ability to “paint” with Voxels which resemble the PHX 1×1 cube in Garry’s Mod. They released a video for that, too (they seem to like releasing videos, I like it too – keep that up Facepunch). There is a fancy particle effect when you break them, but there isn’t much more to say here sadly right now so I’ll just put the video below:


Garry’s Mod is a pretty old game. One of the biggest issues is that it’s naively designed for single core use. While the clientside version of the game has progressively had better multicore support added, the servers are still very limited by this. It looks like in Sbox Multicore is being considered already (shocker, it’s 2018). While they don’t mention anything about multicore on servers, it’s a good sign! Read more about it here.


Well while that’s not everything they’ve released, that’s all the big stuff we have to talk about right now. There are some other things we’re going to be posting about over the coming months which are either more speculative based or deserve their own post entirely. So watch this space if you’re interested in that stuff!


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