Debugging server crashing on Garry’s Mod

November 27, 2019

By default we only store the latest runtime console log to avoid customers running up disk space without realising. However sometimes you want to keep your console logs to debug crashes etc. First, you’ll want to enable the debug flag in the startup parameters: When your server crashes it’ll generate the debug.log, and core dump […]

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Bless this mess

October 3, 2019

Over the last 72 hours we’ve had quite an eventful time with our panel! I want to run through what went wrong, and how we are making sure it wont happen again. October 1st 10AM – I got a message informing me that our internal k8s certificates expired, preventing our web nodes from communicating with […]

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Git fetch on startup

August 28, 2019

A few days ago someone was doing something pretty interesting I thought I would share with everyone, and hopefully some people find it useful. Normally if you want your server to automatically update from git you need to set up something like CI. This creative approach simply edits the srcds_run file, adding this to the […]

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Transparency Report: Dal02

June 8, 2019

Alright, let’s keep this to the point. Our second Dallas node has been experiencing more issues than I’m comfortable with, so I want to document the issues this node has had, and the steps we’ve taken to ensure they don’t happen again. Why is Dallas 02 having issues? Our Dallas location is new. Dallas 01 […]

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Welcome to high performance Minecraft hosting

May 25, 2019

That’s right, we’re back again with our successful campaign to stop people from buying slots taking the market by storm and changing the game we now enter a new ring with a similar problem… Stop paying only for RAM It’s no secret that the Minecraft hosting market is completely saturated with RAM based hosts, it’s […]

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Is Garry spying on us?!

May 1, 2019

What a interesting morning. In one fell swoop FacePunch triggered it’s sensitive audience in two ways. But there’s actually a valuable lesson to learn from this. Analytics.dll Garry’s Mod just pushed an update which includes a new analytics system, without any information. People were quick to jump to the conclusion FacePunch are harvesting data, and […]

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Setting up automatic updates with Git and Dino

April 29, 2019

The requirements for setting up automatic updates between Git and your Crident server is simple: A secure password on dino panel that does not contain the “@” or “$” , as this will confuse the CI pipeline. A dino server where you have the ability to download a backup from the Data vault. An account […]

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Your accounts and Crident

March 5, 2019

Our leading issue consumers experience is the confusion surrounding how your accounts on Crident work. We have two separate websites, and – being our billing website, and being our game panel. If you buy a service on our systems will automatically create an account for you (assuming you don’t already […]

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How we offer “free game hosting”

November 17, 2018

We think customers deserve to know what they’re buying before they buy it, which is why we offer free hosting to test our services and decide if you want to use it. The 24 hour server is a fully fledged game server just like one you would buy. The CPU is capped at 75%. Users […]

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Will sbox kill Garry’s Mod?

November 10, 2018

“Sandbox is going to kill Garry’s Mod!” they said. Not quite, we said. Allow us to explain how we think Sbox will impact Garry’s Mod, and how Garry’s Mod will impact Sbox. There is no arguing Garry’s Mod is immensely popular because of the amount of content developers have created for it, from the TTT’s […]

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