New Location! EU-France

June 20, 2016

New location: France.

I’m extremely proud to announce due to the continued support towards our company and its products – we’re now able to open a new and improved location to better serve the clients requiring more high quality DDoS mitigation and bandwidth connectivity.

The ping in the EU in general with the France location should be much better than the UK location – this is due to a few factors including a route optimizer we can take advantage of.

What it means to customers?

The new location wont change much for existing customers – unless you want to upgrade to it – you can just ignore it exists and carry on like normal.
The France location is simply an upgrade available to clients should they need or just want a better infrastructure holding their server online with greater redundancy.

If you’re looking to upgrade – you’ll need to pay £5/mo extra. This cost is to cover the hundreds of pounds a month more we’re spending on supporting this location and infrastructure alone.

What benefits does it contain?

Potential performance improvements! Yes! You heard it, the new location thanks to OVH’s water cooling provided will run at a much more efficient temperature, preventing the CPU from throttling at peak times!

DDoS protection! The DDoS protection in the new location has been significantly improved purpose built to handle layer 7 attacks just as efficiently as layer 4 attacks. This means your server will really be bullet proof.

I’m not sure, I like what I’m currently using.

That’s fine! You don’t need to change. We’re planning to support the two different locations for a long time! 🙂

Sign me up, I want the cake!

If you’re loving the sound of this, or it’s just what you’re looking for – open a ticket with support to secure your upgrade before we sell out of the space we currently have.

If you want any more details please open a ticket and ask away – or if live support is online just drop us a line asking for more details 🙂