Let’s talk about Crident Store

April 21, 2018

There has been a lot of talk about Crident Store recently. We’re excited that so many people are interested in the project – we’re lucky to have this kind of attention and we’ll try our best to develop a platform some people can find useful. In these early days, still, a large amount of people seem to have ideas on what Crident Store is, what it should be, what it isn’t and what it will be. So let’s talk about some of these ideas!

What we’re hearing from you guys – or girls. We don’t discriminate…

We’re hearing a number of consistent concerns and ideas which I’ll address as best I can in this article. Let’s start with the most common concerns:

“Crident Store will be a haven for previously banned users of gmodstore, increasing risk of leaks”
This is a valid concern, and probably the most important one we’ve heard. Let me explain how we’re going to enable content creators to reduce the aforementioned risk; tools.
We’re going to develop tools to enable content creators to block already banned users from gmodstore – on a per script basis. This means you can effectively “port” gmodstore’s bans and apply them to on a script-by-script basis. Banned gmodstore users are typically checked on demand – however we’ll likely also retain a model of their banned users in case their site ever goes down.

We’ll also develop tools enabling you to block geographic regions, users with more than a set amount of chargebacks, or a minimal amount of hours in game. This will be per-script, and at your own choice. We also aim to enable content creators to manage their own “lists” of users which other content creators can subscribe to. This enables people to take a proactive approach – we think that content creators know their market, and leakers better than we ever will. We want content creators to mange their own risk – instead of having to run it through a slow process which you might not win anyway.

“I can’t trust Crident Store with my scripts”
I think this is the most common concern we’ll have, and it’s not one we can “fix”. We can only look to demonstrate we’re reliable through time, and let people decide themselves. To look at some facts – Crident has never had a data breach on record, or even anything remotely like a data breach. Gmodstore has previously had decrypted SSH keys in public git repositories. We’ve had nothing like this happen, and will be taking their previous security issues on board as advice for what we should put extra attention into. We’ll be running a public bug bounty program for a period before we launch the site into full production. I’m not aware of gmodstore ever funding such a program – because of these points, I’d argue Crident is more proactive with security than gmodstore has ever been.

“How is Crident Store going to make money if you’re not charging any fee?”
We’re going to make money from our other projects, such as Crident Networks; which will be providing the infrastructure for free. We plan to have community-advertisements on the site, with the possibility of content creator advertisements. We do not want to charge a fee or subscription – however right now we don’t know how possible this is. Chances are, we’ll have an opt-in system which grants us a 2% fee of your profits, to in turn handle the VAT. This might not be available on launch.

“How are you going to compete with gmodstore?”
This is a very important question. The answer is probably a little confusing, so hear me out – we’re not. We aren’t trying to, nor plan to compete with gmodstore. We’re not doing this to make money – we’re doing this to develop a platform that some people find useful. This much is evident from our business model, or lack-there-of.
Gmodstore is a store for just Garry’s Mod that aims to make money from content creators. Crident Store will most likely lose money, and Garry’s Mod is just a small part of our goal. We aim to build a multi-game open marketplace. This will make it easier for our customers, as all their scripts will be in one place, and they don’t need to shop around, checking which sites might be trust able. As long as Crident Networks is running, so will Crident Store. This makes it a safe bet for users to buy their scripts from, without concern of closure.

“But, why?”
Marketing for the Crident brand – which aims to have products in more than just game hosting. Having access to our target demographic like this is worth more than the amount we could possibly make from it.

Some final thoughts

Crident Store is in the early days. We haven’t refined our business model yet, nor have we established the legal foundations on some key factors which are vital to the ability to charge no commission. It’s possible we may be forced to charge a commission for certain features, or regions, depending on local laws. Either way; we’re going to charge the minimal amount we can.
We’re able to make Crident Store free because we have other arms of the company which make money, and this unique position enables us to disrupt this market in a unique way. We’re excited to see where things lead, but we’re also aware this is the start of a multi-year marathon – this isn’t a sprint.

While we have no official ETA, the site should be available within 4 months at most from my current knowledge.