Is Facepunch teasing a Sbox release?

December 12, 2019

Mystery posts on Garry’s Mod Twitter…

Recently the Garry’s Mod twitter got active. Really active.

There’s a lot of speculation that Facepunch is teasing the Sbox release currently through some ominous posts on the Garry’s Mod twitter. Some people are pointing to Laylads twitter as even more reason to believe this, as he has recently been liking these tweets. This isn’t something he has a history of doing.

Here’s a video going through the theories:

Why would S&box come out after radio silence?

Some people are speculating the reason Sbox development went quiet is because they got early access to Source 2, and naturally are under an NDA. This isn’t too far fetched as Valve were the ones who initially convinced Garry to actually start selling gmod on steam. There have also been legal concerns about the Unreal Engine & the Sandbox modding that we aren’t going to get into on this thread.

If this is true, and they have been busy porting the game from Unreal Engine 4 to Source 2 for the last 2-3 months, that would still make it an impressive feat.

S&box was always supposed to be engine agnostic from the start – Facepunch say it on the Sandbox homepage. Which makes this idea plausible.

We’re hoping that what we’re making is engine agnostic. Our goal was to build this on top of Source 2, but that seems unlikely now – as it’s doubtful that would have any actual benefit over what we’re currently doing.

– Facepunch

If they were able to design a Sbox in a way that was actually engine agnostic, we might see it release on Source 2 – but it remains to be seen if this is all a build up to the S&box release, or if this is something people haven’t thought about yet… More on that later 😉