How to upgrade your Crident server

September 25, 2018

Automatic Upgrades (Faster)

If you want to upgrade your RAM, CPU or disk space – you can do so in the Client Portal entirely by yourself – just follow these steps:

1. Once logged into the Client Portal, navigate to “My Services
2. Click into your service, you’ll see options to Upgrade/Downgrade on the left.

If at any point during this process you have any issues or questions – try the manual upgrade process below.

Manual Upgrades

If you’re not on our deals, or you’re trying to upgrade from a custom package to one of our deals – you’ll be best creating a ticket. You can also get your server moved between different locations through a ticket.

Just go to & let us know what you want!

Pricing Information

We quote you the cost-difference between your current package & the package you’re upgrading to; for the remaining time on your billing cycle.
So for example, if the difference between the two packages was $10, and you were half way through your current billing cycle – you would pay $5 to upgrade your server today.

Once you pay an invoice, your service will automatically upgrade.