How to generate a GSLT for Gmod

May 4, 2020

Garry’s Mod now basically requires servers to set their GSLT (game server login token) for their server to show up on the server browser. This post will walk you through the steps to generate a GSLT & set it on your Crident server.

Getting your GSLT from Valve

Start by going to this page and login to your Steam account if you haven’t already. Note that you will need to own Garry’s Mod on the account you’re logged into for this to work.

Scroll to the bottom & you will see a form, you should fill it out like this:

You need to enter 4000 as the App ID. The memo can be set to whatever you want. Then go ahead & click the “Create” button. It should go ahead and create your GSLT & you’ll need to copy that into Dino Panel.

You will need a UNIQUE GSLT for every server you run. You can’t re-use your GSLT on multiple servers!

Setting your GSLT in Dino Panel

Go ahead and open up the “Startup Parameters” on your game server & if you scroll to the end of the page you should see the new text box where you set your GSLT.

Once you enter the GSLT you can click the “Update Startup Parameters” button & restart your server. You should see something in your console saying “Logging into Steam game server account”

If you have any issues feel free to ask for help in our Discord!

Common Issues

If you see the following error in your server console then your GSLT probably isn’t valid.

Could not establish connection to Steam servers. (Steam error code 18)

Triple check there are no weird spaces or anything at the start/end of your GSLT! Also make sure you’re using a unique GSLT for every server you own. Two servers can not share the same GSLT!