Dino 2.0

October 10, 2018

This is a pretty chunky update, so we figured we should throw together a post on it.

We made a number of changes, and added some entirely new things – while mostly improving the backend, and preparing the game panel for our new infrastructure which should provide better international load times, improved reliability, and future proofing growth for years to come.

Let’s start off with the new things you’ll see we added:

  • Server Action Log (SAL)
    • This is your new best friend. The action log will tell you who did what on your server, when. This is probably the most detailed server log from any gmod host.
  • Rar decompression support
    • Adding to zip, 7z, tar & gz – we now support rar files
  • 4 local databases for each new server
    • Existing servers can get these added through a ticket

We also did some other improvements & bug fixes:

  • File Manager uploads now auto-refresh file list
  • Popper file manager file upload limit
  • Workshop Downloader improvements
  • Better handling for failed server installs
  • Fixed issues with A2S cache
  • Squash some bugs with server installations
  • Improved announcement system

You also have a new fancy advanced feature: A2S Monitor.
┬áThis boi will monitor your server’s A2S responses, and once they stop for 15 seconds, your server will be restarted. This will help in the event your server gets locked up due to some bad code, some mean exploiter, or some other wacky shit that happens on gmod

We optimised the panel a good amount, reducing the amount of requests and cleaning up old or messy code.This should all come together to provide unmatched load times, with our leading feature-set.