Crident Pay – Phase One

June 8, 2019

It’s been over a month since our last update, and we’ve been pretty busy. I’ll try to bring everyone up to speed. Phase One of Crident Pay development is nearly complete!

Release Timeline

We’re pretty much on track, even though Luna took on another project and pushed our new UI for Dino within the last month. We’re aiming to get the site finished within the next two months at max.

Before we can launch, our in game addon needs finishing for Garry’s Mod. We’re also going to be working to develop a plugin for Minecraft, too.

Right now we can’t give any reasonable time for release, however – we will be aiming to start beta testing sometime around September.


One thing we didn’t show before was the homepage – now we’ve made some progress, here’s a design we’re moving towards. The logo is still temporary.


Player/Shop View

This is the view your players will have when they’re viewing your packages. We’ve made some changes to the UI to make it feel more professional. The images & backgrounds will be changeable.

Community Overview Page
Server Product Selection Page

Admin Panel Progress

The admin panel has had some pretty major design improvements. We’re happy to say the admin area is pretty much complete and everything you see is fully functional.

Create Community Page
Account Settings Page (Note: Password changes will be removed from this page)
Security Controls Page
Payment Management Page