Case Study: Hyplex Networks

April 23, 2016

The “hosting issue”

Anyone who has worked with or ran gaming communities will be familiar with these issues;

When running a gaming community its key to be consistent, as such changing your IP can cause a very damaging effect on your player count, causing people to struggle connecting or just flat out loose the server from their browser.

Then there is the up-scaling issue. Sometimes you out grow your current hosting solution, and as a result are required to move, which within itself can contain downtime and even IP changes.

Because of these issues, its important you choose a host that can scale to meet your requirements down the road should you need it. Choosing a host that you can’t implicitly trust with the infrastructure of your community is a life or death decision, and getting it wrong is a lot easier than it should be.

While you might not think your server will get many players, and while you might think the chances are low — that is not an excuse to not prepare.

The solution

People don’t want to be spending loads of money on dedicated servers, high end hosts and more when they’re not sure if their server will even get players, and normally that’s where the argument would end.

We’ve thought about the balance between cost and resource for a while and we believe the solution is by selling game hosting on a resource based contract. This prevents overloading and performance issues while giving you more freedom and control over your community setup and probably saving you money at the same time.

We offer the standard Shared Game Hosting everyone is familiar with, but we also offer a bleeding edge solution we’re naming Virtual Game Servers, these aren’t dedicated servers, nor are they exactly virtualised, meaning unlike some other hosts who sell “Gaming VPS/VDS”, you will not notice a 5-10% performance drop.

We also run these Virtual Game Servers on the same hardware as the Shared Game Servers, the Intel i7 4790k — to keep you running optimally.

How we used this

We wanted to test our infrastructure in real-life conditions — to ensure our services really can stand up to run and scale large gaming communities quickly and efficiently.

Hyplex Networks

Hyplex Networks is a proof of concept by Crident to prove how quickly we can scale and adjust to violent spikes in traffic. We used Garrys Mod for our game of choice.

Here are two graphs from Game Tracker displaying the traffic of Crident Networks server over 30 days.

Game Tracker Graphs

 – This graph is the game server rank.

 – This graph is the player count.

We managed to reach rank 8 within the first 30 days, with almost no downtime and network issues. We received over 18 DDoS attacks, and many more on our website. You can watch some attacks here.


Here is a performance report of the last 30 days including CPU usage and memory usage:

Player Count

When we started Hyplex we imagined we would get about 40 players max.

On the first day we hit nearly 80 players. We had over 2,000 unique connections in the first week, and our forums had nearly 500 members in the first month.




CPU Usage

The CPU usage spiked with the playercount, it would generally only peak at 12% which is the maximum most Garry’s Mod servers can use.

Quite a lot of time was put into optimization to make the server run smooth under high player counts.




Memory Usage

Generally you don’t use much memory on Garry’s Mod servers. This is our memory usage over the period of 8 days reaching upward of 70 players on a pretty heavy darkrp server.






We used our Pro hosting and initially we got more than 50-60 players. We never ended up needing to move to a higher end hosting solution like dedicated servers because the completely standard shared game server hosting provided enough horsepower to keep the server online.

Update – 1 month later

One month later we’re still churning along, here is an update on our performance.

 – This is the server rank

 – This is the player stats over the last 30 days


We are confident we have what you need regarding game server hosting. We provide one of the finest source hosting experiences for Garrys Mod (gmod), CS:GO and TeamFortress 2.
Constantly pushing the boundaries further to make great servers.

From high performance cloud infrastructure built with gaming in mind, to simple slot based shared game hosting, we’re on the bleeding edge of gaming to provide you the service that works for you.