Alternate Theory on Garry’s Mod posts

December 14, 2019

Some people have been speculating that the recent Garry’s Mod tweets are a build-up for Facepunch to release their new S&box game. But could it be something else?!

Mysterious posts on the Garry’s Mod twitter spark theories of S&box release

Some people think that the time of the posts indicates there is going to be a final announcement or release of Sbox on the 26th. However we have an alternate theory…

On the 24th of December Garry’s Mod will turn 15, which Garry has already expressed as a milestone in Facepunch’s end of year 2018 blog post.

The 24th is also supported by the fact the posts started on the 27th of November – 27 days before Garry’s Mod is going to turn 15 and each post is made at 6:27 in Facepunch’s timezone, signifying a significance of the number. While this isn’t as exciting as something like S&box being released, knowing Facepunch – it’s likely a bit of an internal troll from them.

Generally in situations of speculation, it’s worth applying Occam’s razor, which is the principle that the most simple solution is often the correct one. In this case, it would make more sense that Garry is just excited about Gmod being old enough to have babies if it was in the right country.

Alternate theory: Garry’s Mod is just turning 15

It’s safe to assume Facepunch know people are going to come to the Sbox theory, and I think it’s reasonable to also assume that’s their intent. But what do we know.

Facepunch have a history of being edge-lords, and they get a kick out of it. If you’re ever bored feel free to check out the wikipunch for some laughs

But we could be wrong, and if S&box ends up unexpectedly releasing, we aim to offer Sbox server hosting as soon as possible, leveraging our years of experience in Garry’s Mod hosting. This should allow our customers to start expanding their community into Sandbox the game as soon as possible.