Coupon Centre

Our affiliates can access the coupon centre to provide value to people they're informing about our product. With the ability to offer a selection of discounts to people you're telling about our services you can provide value and a reason to make the purchase. If someone uses one of your coupons their order will automatically be assigned to your affiliate account - so you do not need to use your affiliate link.

Click here to go to the coupon centre

Carpet Bomb Sales

"Carpet Bomb" marketing is where you try to cover as much ground as you can as quick as you can. Mostly taking the quantity over quality mentality; you try to refrence Crident as much as you can hoping someone will see the link and follow through with a purchase.
While this is an effective marketing method - we advise you take a more passive approach.

Targetted Sales

Targetted Sales is a more passive marketing approach. You build a relationship with the person you're trying to make the sale to; with the goal to provide value to them with customised coupons and higher quality hosting. This method is a lot more "long game", and requires paitience to build a relationship which allows for such a conversation to occur oragnically.