Leveraging the affiliate system as a community

Communities can leverage our affiliate system to help fund their servers and accelerate their growth into other gamemodes and games.
Certain players in your community will ultimately go off to run their own servers; and it's extreemly common they use the same host their favourite community uses. You can leverage this knowledge to have a promotional widget/post linking to our site with your affiliate link. You could also utilise the coupon centre to provide them more reason to use your link.

Here are some assets you can use

If only 15 people buy our £10 32 slot deal with your affiliate link you would be making £60 a month.
That's more than most servers cost to run - so you could easily utilise this system to pay for your server and have a free ride at Crident.
If you're making more than the cost of your server you still have the choice to withdraw your balance through PayPal. So the money you make isn't stuck in your Crident account.