Make Money with Crident

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. You provide people with the information that we exist, we provide them with quality services, and you get a percentage out of it. Everybody wins.

How it works

When you sign up on our affiliate program you have a specific link you can use to send people to the site, if they buy a service with that link you'll receive the commission for that purchase. You can also use discount codes, those will still provide you a commission rate for the purchase. We highly recommend that you use discount codes, not only do they providethe client with a discount, it's also a better tool to use than a hyper link.

What's the catch

There's no catch, everything you read above is how the program works; you get a commission rate on the purchase if the client uses your link or discount code which can later be withdrawn once you hit the amount required to withdraw.

We even start you with a free $5 in your affiliate account!