Make Money with Crident

Join team Crident and make money with our affiliate system! You can make money by informing people about our services while providing value to them; utilising our coupon centre to create custom promotional codes for people you've informed about our services. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

How it works

When you sign up you get a special URL from the affiliate centre which you can use when linking people to our website. Using that link can earn you up to 40% of the sale you make depending on the product. You can read more about our commision rates here.

What's the catch

It's really as simple as it says on the can. You show people or advertise our services - and if they make a sale you get a percentage of the purchase - recurring. Each month they renew their service you get your commission percentage.

To break that down, that means if you sold ten 40 slot servers you be making just under £60 a month.
In other terms, if you sold only one server a week for four months you would be making just over £90 a month.

We even start you with a free £5 in your affiliate account!