We are trying to change the game hosting market, one server at a time.

Why us

Crident is on the road to becoming a bleeding edge hosting company. We have developed unique and new filters that act as a proxy to your games queries, in turn allowing us to provide protection in a multi-staged way that no other provider can match. We can also diagnose why attacks are effective and often send network captures to application developers to assist in fixing the attack at the source level; the application itself.

Our question is should you be the same as the rest?

Ideas are shit - execution is the game.
Gary Vaynerchuk

Who are we?

Crident Networks is a diversified hosting company with ventures integrating game hosting, public relation management and high quality upstream providers. Constructed by the vision of founder Jack Jenkins. Crident Networks combine creativity, the ability to engage global audiences, with an understanding of "what to do next". Allowing us to deliver innovative solutions as a successful architect of gaming communities.

True power

Through our partners we've managed to conduct cutting edge research to ensure we're providing you the most supreme service you can buy with a price tag just as good. We've had the opportunity to work with large gaming communities such as Aero Game Servers, Multiverse Gaming, Hyplex, Visca Gaming, X-Ray Gaming and more on a intimate level to keep our servers up to the task. We've tested the performance of high-load game servers on industry standard hardware and decided to go with hardware our competition are not using because we find this without a doubt provides what you need to run a large gaming community.

Utilising the contacts and experience Crident management team have we can provide almost any technical solution you need built to specification.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

What Our Clients Think

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